Become a Successful YouTube Content Creator

In today’s world, anyone with a mobile device can upload content on YouTube – and become famous. The top YouTube content creator, Felix Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie), now has over 61 million subscribers; his videos include Let’s Play commentaries and vlogs. In 2015, he earned an estimated $12 million. Matt Koval, a creative strategist, says the ten fundamentals of creating successful YouTube content are shareability, conversation, interactivity, consistency, targeting, sustainability, discoverability, accessibility, collaboration, and inspiration.

We all know that YouTube differs very much from traditional television; is that it allows anyone with a camera and computer or phone to post any type of content at any time. Users can post every day if they wish, whereas television shows take longer to share with the public. YouTube content also allows its users to have conversations and be interactive with their audience through Q&A and replying to comments, for example.

The two main categories of YouTube videos are evergreen topics and trending topics. Like an evergreen tree, these videos will never be outdated; they can be content such as DIY videos or how-tos. Trending topics, on the other hand, are videos that pertain to current events, such as topics that are talked about in the news. Using these types of videos on your page will help to boost user engagement because your channel will be seen as well rounded. If you are a business looking to grow a larger audience and gain profits, perhaps a YouTube channel can help you on the journey.