YouTube For Successful Business

YouTube is the perfect webpage to view just about anything.You can learn how to change a tire or make pie, watch and listen to inspirational speeches, watch something comedy related, and the list goes on and on.Basically, YouTube has it all.That’s one reason why it is a successful tool for businesses.However, like everything else, it needs to be done correctly.There are times to post that will get the most engagement, duration strategies to remember, and communication is absolute key.Here I’ve listed some successful tips to get more than just views on your YouTube account.

Short and Sweet

Do any of us enjoy those first two, three, or five minutes of someone talking about themselves in the beginning of a DIY video?No!I just want to learn how to make the cake!Human beings have very short attention spans whether or not we’d like to admit it.Keep your videos between 1 and 3 minutes long to maintain viewers attention (see infographic on the left).The first ten seconds of the video needs to be immediately inviting.Forget the information about yourself and why you’re making this video.Say hello (maybe), get to the point, and keep it business related.


You’re talking to other human beings when you post a YouTube video.Engage with them throughout the video.Consider your product and its intent and some commonsense phrases that will emotionally connect with the person.If you’re selling marketing strategies, explain how these tips will encourage viewers to become buyers and benefit your company.If you’re selling homemade dog treats, tell them how much Rufus will benefit from chewing on these organic dog mints.*Bonus Points If You Can Translate Your Message Into Different Languages*

Time Management

Who knew that certain times calls for more times?Smartphones, tablets, and computers engage the most YouTube activity between Early mornings to late afternoons.Television sets catch videos later in the evening.Do a quick Google search for best times to post your videos before you make a post!

It’s Not About The Likes and Views

Understand that engagement is more important than likes and going viral.Going viral just means it is seen many times, but not that there is any impact or success.Make sure your content and keywords (especially when using PPC) is relevant to the search query of the user. influential in what you’re talking about and selling.When choosing YouTube video hosting for business, utilize these tips for optimal success rates.Being short & sweet and engaging, posting during high-peak times, and realizing it’s not about the likes and views but the content and influential aspect of your purpose ensures that your YouTube account can give your business the boost it needs.As always, when looking for more business success tips, Check out Advernation LLC’s website where you can find tips on PPC, algorithms, targeting strategies, and more.Call 212-500-0594 or email for questions, tips, and more!