Online Marketing Strategies

Image result for online marketingSurfing the web can lead us to anything imaginable, anything desirable. The early days of internet surfing were even more simple. Any website could be found, any business could be promoted. There weren’t any secret algorithms like we have today that brought you to the top of a search engine, you could just be found. Those simple days are over, as mastering Google algorithms are as difficult as learning a foreign language.

Being found at the top or first page of a SERP (search engine results page) is the result of either being a natural at marketing, or for the rest of us, understanding and knowing what it takes to get there. Internet traffic is limitless, and making it to the top is highly complex especially in competitive fields.

But marketing your business online is a great tool for growing and expanding. Advertising online is quite beneficial. However, it isn’t easy. Finding the right keywords that isn’t used too often or too little is difficult, and landing on the top of a SERP doesn’t happen just by using the right keywords, either. Some SEO specialists ask for unreasonable amounts of dollars and even then your business won’t appear at the top over night.

We all want instant success, and we feel pained when our business isn’t doing so hot. If you’re not growing over night, don’t give up. Finding a reasonable SEO specialist is helpful to analyze the necessary keywords that will benefit your business. SEO and also buying SEO leads brings traffic to your page and gets you high up on SERPS.

Also, having valuable posts and content is what will lead people to your product. Below I’ve listed some other helpful tips in marketing your online business.

Regularity and Quality

Posting regularly will get you noticed, but you also need valuable and high quality posts as well. Keeping up with this trend of posting quality posts daily may not create an overnight success story, but it can lead you to becoming authority. Being an authority gains the attention of consumers and creates more visibility and sales

Content Marketing on Quora and Medium

Use sites like Medium and Quora to link to your website. Write good, quality posts on your webpage about your product. Use keywords and be insightful and creative. Make a similar post on Quora, Medium, or another highly convoluted webpage that links to your main page. Content marketing yourself can lead to a higher position on SERPS and reach various audiences.

Network With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a technological way of shaking hands with other businesses. You can quickly connect and meet with people or businesses who you can share clients, meet new clients, and just make potential connections. Start a friendly conversation and eventually drop your business links in there, once you know you’ve gained enough of their interest.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Posts

Social media is often a powerful tool for successful business transactions. Using PPC or other paid advertisement via Facebook may cost money, but it certainly can gain traffic to your site. Learning how to properly manage PPC ads is beneficial so that people will find you when they need you, not just because of simple keywords. Your PPC should be specific to what you offer. Have strategized and targeted landing pages for best responses. Instagram also offers paid ways to blow up your business. Picking the right Instagram influencer can lead you to the massive audiences that would be interested in your product.


YouTube is another great resource but remember the importance of value and high quality content. You can promote some DIY material, teach something skillful or saavy, or just show some real-world situation. If you keep it short and sweet (0-4 minutes), viewers will remain interested and focused on your content. Then you can drop a link to your webpage!

Develop Rapport With Email Marketing

Get to know your consumers by sending them something for free via Email each day. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, a tip for success, or pieces of your Ebook, sending them something of value each day makes you seem trustworthy and valuable. Once you build rapport, eventually you can link them to your webpage for sales, especially when you know what they’re looking for. At this point they will find you quite trustworthy, so they’ll be more than interested.

Connect With Bloggers

Similar to LinkedIn, connect with bloggers who have a similar niche as you, see if you have something of value to add to their blog. If you offer to serve as a guest blog, you can write a good page (for free) that exposes your product, while you’re just doing what you do best.

Something Free

Whether it’s free shipping, consultation, or estimate, give something away for free. Sometimes people will buy more when something else, even smaller, is given to them for free.


At all costs. Avoid spamming and learn the difference between trying to get lots of internet traffic and spamming potential consumers with your product. No one enjoys that, it is quite annoying.

These are a few ideas that can help build your business. For optimal SEO content, buying leads, or any other business growing connection, contact Advernation LLC at 212-500-0594. We seek to help businesses grow and expand by finding the right tools that gets them higher up in SERP’s. Call or email We look forward to working with you!