No More Intrusive Ads

Now more than ever should you thoroughly consider how to advertise products to new and returning customers. Google algorithms focus on search query words, seeking to answer the question in its entirety, to find relevant information that Googlers are searching for. With that important information in mind, note that Google is going to start blocking irrelevant and intrusive ads.

Android users may be the first to test-drive the ad-blocker on Chrome browsers and apps. Although ads will not completely disappear, pushy and invasive ads will no longer permitted.

We’ve all entered a web page in which an advertisement pops up, makes us wait 5-15 seconds to “skip,” takes over the entire screen, automatically and disruptively plays, and is beyond obnoxious. Google ad blockers will be removing these advertisements and [hopefully] only allow sophisticated and easygoing ads. It may be unclear what exact tactics Google ad blockers will be following, but preparation is always key.

Prepare With Attractive Ads

We strive to provide ads to people who would like to see our products. Using infographics, or creatively explaining data, is a better strategy for advertisement. Infographics can be appealing for those who prefer visual as well as those who prefer to read information.

Get To Know Customers Intents

You should wonder what your customers and returning customers intentions were prior to seeking your product. Your Adwords account and Google Analytics can provide you with key words and the search queries used that lead clients to your page. With that in mind, you can be sure your ads are popping up only when relevant and necessary (especially with PPC).

Having content that is wanted, rather than advertisements that are irregular and nonsensical, can benefit your business. Customers are likely to return to, or build trust in, your business when the advertisements are pertinent to their search queries.

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