Image result for SEOAn Architect in NYC gave us a call and was in need of help. He lost credentials with his previous web design firm and had no access to any of the website. Luckily he had the domain registration info and we were simply able to change the name servers and set up new hosting for him.

It’s amazing how some company’s treat their clients and it never ceases to amaze us at the lack of service and general respect a firm needs to have for their clients.

The Challenge:

The website was not responsive at all, was built in some custom European content management system that not only was impossible to add anything to, it was in another language.

The Recommendation:

Architects generally for the most part want a clean, simple site, to showcase their work, period. This is why using WordPress to build the site, and make responsive was a win-win situation. We took the design and using visual composer were able to replicate the style of the old site, as well as make it mobile and iPad / tablet friendly.

The Product:

A clean structured SEO – friendly responsive website, that not only looks great, but once Google re-crawled it, the client started ranking for terms like modern and contemporary architectural firms and more!