Seeing SEO results for your campaign does not occur one day to the next. It may take months depending on what your campaign is about. But that process can be easily sped up with links! Before you do start your campaign, it is a good idea to lay out a road map of how much time, money, and links it will take to invest before seeing results. It is important to note that some links will hold more value than others. So, before you start on the adventure to climbing the ladder of ranks, it is good to know how to improve/maximize the value of links; the higher quality links will go a long way in helping your website reach the top of Google search results.


Here are some tips to consider:


Be Diverse with Domains

When placing links from domains, make sure that the domains are diverse and that no more than 2 or 3 links to go to 1 domain. Of course forcing the diversity of links is not always recommend depending on the content. But, if possible it is advised to change up the domains of the links when there is a chance of doing so.


Target the Right Page

While diversifying is a good strategy, targeting a single page might be a better option depending if one would like to see results. This in effect might cause some red flags to occur since it could be warranted as spam. But as long as the specific page has great content, then it shouldn’t be marked as spam and instead you could see an uptick in results for that page.


Gather Strength with Sourcing

Domain authority is something that you want your website to rank on. There are currently three main factors for domain authority: Age, popularity, and size. The more the better and vice versa. Therefore, use links with high domain authority so that your website will gain trust from its users.


Don’t Delay

Unfortunately there is not much you can do when it comes to delays. Google needs to analyze your links before it can allow you to rank on their searches, so have some patience and you will be rewarded. To make the process easier for them, just follow the general rules above.

When working on links for your campaign, keep in mind it is usually quality over quantity depending on the purpose of your campaign, but most of the time it’s the former. Your efforts will be rewarded once you invest enough time, and you will see results instantly!

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