We want to welcome our newest addition to the internet being unveiled today on Christmas Eve at midnight. If you’re a VTF member (Vicarious Traveling Family) you know that this is the moment you have been waiting for! If you are not a member and out of the live video on social media loop, please check out Twitter Live (Formerly Periscope (I Know, Not Yet!) )


Information about Travel The World: (Steve and Pauline)

  • World traveling couple with their dog. Over 80 countries combined.
  • Globally recognized for our live travel and cooking shows.
  • Pauline & their dog Benz are from Hong Kong, and Steve is from USA.
  • They teach you exactly how to travel much more, for much less
  • Become inspired, learn and have fun with our rapidly growing VTF community

Their website is whatisvtf.com , and you can check them out on periscope here.