Precious Metals iOS App Development

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We just got our first App approved and ready to be downloaded in iOS at the Apple Store. It is for clients and customers that sell precious metals, like gold, silver and platinum and want to know the daily spot price and the price per pennyweight that the dealer pays.

It is a great way for customer loyalty, retention and branding purposes for gold refineries, buyers and pawnshops to their frequent and semi-frequent customers who sell on a regular basis.

By putting your name out there, and having an app to be able to give your customers can be priceless, let’s face it, everything is happening on mobile now, and this is like what happened to the radio to the television in the 50’s/60’s. You need to stay fresh in your customers mind, and this is what this app is all about.

Why does your gold refinery / jewelry buying store need an app?

Buy the app with your logo and contact information