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seo-nyc1-300x256SEO, Search Engine Optimization is an art form. There have been many major changes over the last 15 years on the web that will effect a small businesses chance of prospering or failing. Hiring the wrong SEO Company to perform Search Engine Optimization can get your site de-indexed, penalized or blacklisted. While now it is almost imperative every small business have a website and especially an SEO presence to attract more customers, it is our job to get your website to the top and get the results you deserve. Just give us a call to discuss an analysis and a plan that is right for your business.  

Search Engine Optimization in New York City

What to Look For

  • A SEO Company That Educates
  • No Contracts
  • Pricing Upfront
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Phone Support
  • Ranking and Conversion Reporting
  • Pride in Work

What not to Look For

  • Contracts with a lot of pages.
  • Doesn’t tell you what there doing.
  • Tells you about a special secret sauce.
  • Can’t get a hold of
  • No real pricing model
  • No Reports or analytics
  • Dodges Questions
Luckily you landed on our page and can see the light, we perform white hat SEO techniques that are natural and organic, increase backlinks by natural linking, provide great content that the user needs and nothing else. We have a straight forward approach that has been working for almost 7 years straight. We start with your online website design, put the call to actions and text where it needs to be, provide exceptional content, make sure all your titles and description tags are in order and then let the natural backlinking begin! You will see a rise in all search engines within a month and really see something in 3-6 months depending on how competitive your business is and how aggressive you want us to be. We show you everything, every step of the way, we have a set plan and follow it, you will learn what it takes and see the rankings improve, we will tell you how your current SEO is and where its at now, and then in a month from now, when your rankings increase, your business should as well.

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