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Provide a wide array of social media optimization services

Develop, maintain and engage customers

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Manage Facebook ad campaigns

Let's Wow Your Online Presence

Social Media, PPC, SEO

Pay Only One Price

Average Client Makes a ROI of 100-300% After a Month

We will carefully analyze your campaigns, competitors, ads, keywords, negative keywords, demographics and hook you up! We run ads in Googles search network, display ads, video ads, retargeting ads, text, banner / graphic ads and more.

We are here to engage your potential clients in a fun way that will get them talking and ultimately use or buy your services/goods directly from a social media campaign. We also manage Facebook ad campaigns and had great success in doing so. Call us today to find out more information on how we can get you off to the races in this wonderful world of Social Media Marketing.

Why Are We #1 in Social Media Management?

  • Setup/Edit Existing Facebook & Twitter
  • Write Unique Content Daily To Engage
  • Write 1 Blog Post Per Week & Post
  • No Setup/Manage Youtube Campaigns
  • No Youtube PPC Management
  • No Facebook PPC Management
  • No Advertising on Twitter

Check Out Our SMO Plan

Social Media Optimization Without PPC

Social Media Optimization With PPC

  • Setup/Edit Existing Facebook & Twitter
  • Write Unique Content Daily To Engage
  • Write 1 Blog Post Per Week & Post
  • Setup/Manage Youtube Campaigns
  • Youtube PPC Management
  • Facebook PPC Management
  • Advertising on Twitter

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Industry Experience

We never ever had 1 complaint, for real, check us out!

Complex Solutions

We do digital marketing with ROI solutions at the forefront.

Our team is well versed in business, marketing and website development with ROI in mind!

100% Result Guarantee

Arthur Young

"I thought I knew enough about SEO to do it on my own for my NYC business. But it's best to let the experts handle it like these guys. They break down online advertising easy for anyone to understand and tie ROI into the picture. Now they are speaking my language, had an increase in sales and ROI the 3rd month, now it's all profit."

"We came from a big SEO firm from NYC (But found out they outsource all the work to India, and made grammar mistakes on our content) So we will stick with an SEO company like Advernation who does all the work in-house. Has great talent and cares about the customer's bottom line."

Gina Sanson

1115 Broadway, 12th Floor New York, NY 10010

Advernation’s principles are becoming the standard for digital marketing today.

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