Elite Bullion iOS

The Number 1 Customer Retention App For Pawnshops, Gold Refineries, Jewelers and Cash For Gold Businesses

The Elite Bullion iOS app is designed for pawnshops, gold refineries, jewelers and customers and businesses who regularly sell gold or melt gold. Every business day, the customer who downloads the app are notified of the current spot price of gold, silver and platinum as well as the companies price they are currently paying for the day in terms of pennyweight (DWT) by push notification around 930-10am. The customer sees the alert via push notification on iOS It is displays as follows: elite-ios The gold refinery company enters the data into a backend every business day over here: In the next update, this will be done automatically, we will also be adding a custom message area to send to the clients as well! At anytime throughout the day the client/user can also open the app and see the current updated price. Every time you submit the price, everyone will get a push notification, so it is to be done once per business day around 930-10am EST. for optimum results. client-dash
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