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Welcome to our about page, we're so happy you're here. Please take a few minutes and read below our internet marketing services we provide. We are a New York SEO Company and work with businesses worldwide, large, medium, small, startups / entrepreneurs it doesn't matter, we can help your business succeed online.

Search Engine Optimization takes time to implement, you need to develop a great website, provide exceptional information, clear concise and right to the point ( That’s how we are as well). We don’t provide false hopes, promises or anything that can’t be attained. After planting your seeds we will track your rankings, stats, visitors, leads, conversions so we can measure and see how to grow more. Our Search Engine Optimization NYC covers local businesses that are in our area that we provide face to face meetings, consultations and in-house support for all search engine optimization services in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Long Island. Learn why you can rely on us to be your SEO Company in NYC for a great price! We take pride in our work and always educate our clients. Buy SEO services at the most affordable price.

Pay Per Click Management is no joke. Anyone can start an Google Adwords account but it is best to ask advice, hire a company that teaches you or does it with and for you, given you the years of trials, experiments and know how that we (they) acquired over the years. Did you know that hiring the right Pay Per Click manager/management company is a wise move? For a percentage of your budget you can get the expertise of someone that has been in the PPC game for years and will pass the knowledge on to you, we will talk about, campaigns, ad groups, video ppc, mobile ppc, Facebook PPC and Twitter campaigns. We treat everyone’s PPC campaign as if it were our money being invested and only do the most cost effective and result driven Pay Per Click campaigns. Take a look at why we should be your new adwords management company now.

Social Media Optimization is very important nowadays. We need to find ways to engage your customers, talk to them, provide quality information, tweets, posts and whatever else that will get people talking about you, your businesses and service that make your business stand out. We have a great Social Media Optimization that will engage your potential customers, keep your current customers coming back and building a strong online presence showing that your company truly cares about fixing what is wrong, standing up to what is right and discussing new products and services and engaging and communicating with your clients. We will show you Facebook, Twitter and blogs that will benefit your business. Check out our very affordable social media marketing plan today!

Local SEO is an essential part of any business that has an address, gets reviews (good and bad) and makes the effort to make the customer happy. We get your business listed on every review site possible, we then show you how to engage the customer and get them to write honest reviews. Local SEO place listings is something that should be carefully done, it requires meticulous writing , submissions and linking, not only that we offer local seo plans at a great price.

Website Design Services NYC

We also provide affordable website design packages starting at $1000.00 We can build anything from a small 5 page service site to a 100,000 product e-commerce site. Platforms we use are WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Opencart and HTML / PHP.

Please call or email for a custom quote 212-500-0594 and email us at

Our Last Google Partners Event


Our last event was a great success, we love showcasing real life client examples to prospective businesses and we usually host a live stream Google Partners event about once a month. We also provide refreshments  and have cool Google swag/merchandise like Google coffee mugs, pens, books and other fun stuff. We host the event at 1271 6th Avenue on the 43rd floor in midtown Manhattan.

We usually can fit anywhere from 5-25 people and it lasts for about an hour and a half. Depending on how long the lifestream lasts, it is broadcasted live via Googles headquarters to Google Agencies offices to show potential clients that want more information on how working with a Google Partner can benefit you and your business.

It is 100% completely free and there is no obligation to do anything other then show up.

We help all types of businesses make a statement on the web via web design, programming, search engine optimization, local seo, adwords management / ppc management, social media, brand management and any other kind of online marketing / advertising you can think of.

 About Advernation LLC

Advernation LLC, has been doing web development and online marketing for businesses since 1999 for businesses like yours. We have been doing SEO before it was called SEO. Getting businesses leads and proving results for all kinds of industries is where we are 2 steps ahead. You need someone you can trust, Advernation treats all clients like family and we truly care about your online marketing goals and needs. We look forward to building a great business relationship with you. We are a family run business and have great client relations and thrive on providing excellent customer service. We are an online marketing company that manages multi-million dollar advertising providing high return on investments in online marketing services.

We provide local in office consultations to small businesses in the New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island and even Staten Island boroughs and counties.

Our clients have stayed with us for the last 8 years since we went official in managing online advertising campaigns and we want and will go above and beyond to win your business!

Frequently Asked Questions


I am the owner of a specialized business that caters to a select audience. The team dedicated themselves to learning deeply about my specialty, to find out what differentiates me from my competition. We spent hours together discussing my market and what attracts clients to my products and services. Then the team both worked, in great detail, to build a new web site based on every aspect that we had discussed. They really listened and worked, without ever watching the clock. Even more than that, they came up with brilliant original and creative solutions. The results are superb; I could not be more pleased. Tom Krauss, Owner Audio Loft LLC Thomas Krauss @ 08/12/2016 22:57
I made the investment for website seo, and i cant be happier, they listened to what i wanted, came up with a plan and acted on it and i have gotten great results. My jewelry company has never sold more than now! Vincent Thompson
The first day i signed with them i got a tow truck job, day after day i have been getting leads and getting new jobs, well worth the money, i made my investment back ten fold. William Haddock
I got 3 leads the same day we started, which made my ROI go through the roof, pretty good stuff for a small time construction company A Google User
Took us not just locally but nationally for some pretty tough search keywords, great job guys keep up the good work A Google User
Great job guys keep up the good work Sterling McKinley
I learned a lot from your adwords management company, you helped me get a lot of tow truck jobs for my towing company, Chris was very attentive and always got back to me the same day, always answered his phone when I had questions about the ads. Great guy, great company. sam @ 01/12/2012 00:47

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